CorrLinks Video

CorrLinks Video

By Advanced Technologies Group, LLC.

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No longer limited to a computer, CorrLinks users can visit with their family/friends incarcerated at most Bureau of Prison women institutions (check with Bureau which facilities allow video visitation) from the convenience of their phone. Video session times are set by each institution, but are generally available every day of the week! Video sessions last 25 minutes, starting at the top and bottom of each hour. CorrLinks users are not charged for video sessions. Per Bureau rules only the incarcerated individual may schedule the video visit, and you have the ability to accept their invitation. For a positive experience it is very important you connect to the video session from a location that has fast and reliable internet access, and that ambient lighting is bright enough for the camera to capture a good picture.



  • Audio

    By _pbc93
    I can never hear my loved one when they call. They can never hear me when they call. Video quality is very blurry. They need to update this version so we can enjoy seeing are loved ones instead of struggling to communicate with them.
  • Terrible!

    By CML19822
    I was able to hear the incarcerated person but it sounded as if they were muffled and far away, they could not hear me at all on my Apple iPhone it was the worst video session ever
  • Review

    By 🔅✅
    The apps video camera is mirrored and is hard to find a right angle to show itself or other things because of the way the camera is. it needs to be a normal camera and sound quality is low and video quality as well 😞.
  • App won’t start

    By nubb22
    Horrible is been a week and won’t let me enter the schedule meeting.
  • Simply the worst app in history.

    By Coach3DDD
    The functionality is terrible all around.
  • U can barely hear them and they can’t hear

    By lacy0520
    The inmate cannot hear u u need to allow ear buds so it’s better to hear what’s the use of video chat if u have to write on a sheet of paper and hold it up ?? I’m not over acting it’s horrible I would love to hear her when we video chat!!!DO BETTER
  • Eh

    By Rjmbeebs
    So I have tried this on a laptop, android. And apple iPhone 12 and the volume on test video the lady talks so quiet and volume is full. Video not bad but the sound is horrible. Most of the time you have to do or know sign language because talking isn’t an option. This needs to be fixed ASAP
  • Won’t let me run the test!!!

    By kimc333
    Very difficult to set up. It won’t run the test or even take me to the run test message.
  • Horrible

    By Jettdabarber
    App doesnt work . One side can see them + hear. The other side sees nothing this app is horrible and needs ton of improvement. Wasted money on a 25 min visit didnt get to say 1 word to each other.
  • Trash

    By Ozzfavors
    This app is complete trash. Out of the 25 minute calls that we are able to call loved ones, maybe half of that will work, and the quality is horrible. Have to use headphones with a mic for anything audio to work. Bop should be ashamed of paying for this app