Food Sense Guide

Food Sense Guide

By Melanie Avalon Inc.

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  • Release Date: 2019-03-29
  • Current Version: 1.5.0
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  • Developer: Melanie Avalon Inc.
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Take charge of your food sensitivities! Reactions to various "natural" compounds in foods can often create an array of health problems in individuals, from the GI tract to skin issues to neurological and hormonal imbalances. Food Sense Guide helps you identify your potential food sensitivities and minimize food reactions. FOOD SENSE GUIDE includes: - An easily searchable catalogue of 300+ foods. - The general levels of amines, FODMAPs, glutamates, gluten, histamine, lectins, oxalates, salicylates, sulfites, and thiols in various foods, as well nightshade and AIP status. - An overview of these various compounds, including typical reactions for those sensitive, and lists of foods high and low in them. - The ability to create your own personal lists and notes. - Easily export your lists to share or print. - Quick instant access to the levels of these compounds for anything you may eat! "As a practitioner working with many patients with diet related issues and GI distress, this app provides a comprehensive, easily useable resource for those with food sensitivities." - Dr. Michael Ruscio, Bestselling Author of "Healthy Gut, Healthy You" and Host of "Dr. Ruscio Radio" "My patients and readers will love this! It will save them huge amounts of time, as they can quickly identify which foods they can focus on stage, to steer clear of their triggers. Well done!" - Dr. Alan Christianson, NYT Bestselling Author of "The Adrenal Reset Diet" and "The Metabolism Reset Diet" "In "The Hormone Fix," I promote eating an array of mineral-rich, alkaline-producing foods for hormonal health. This app allows users to find those foods which suit them, so they can bring their bodies into balance!" - Dr. Anna Cabeca, USA Today Bestselling Author of "The Hormone Fix" "This app is an amazing resource! It’s not only extremely useful and effective in helping me avoid foods my body cannot tolerate, but it’s also educational and easy to use. I highly recommend this app if you want to take back control of your health and feel your best!" - Dr. Caroline Leaf, Bestselling Author of "Switch on Your Brain," "Think Learn Succeed," "Think and Eat Yourself Smart," and Host of "Cleaning Up the Mental Mess with Dr. Caroline Leaf" "The Food Sense Guide app is a great resource to identify all possible ways each food item may cause a reaction for sensitive individuals. Oftentimes patients get confused as to why a food may be troublesome, not realizing that every food can have multiple mechanisms by which it can trigger discomfort in the body, from a histamine reaction to an all-out immune reaction. This app is a must-have for any food sensitive individual to have with them when shopping at the supermarket or eating out." - Dr. Vincent Pedre, Bestselling Author of "Happy Gut" "Whether you know your current food sensitivities or are trying to figure them out, Food Sense Guide will help you take charge of your food choices for peaceful eating, to support resilient health!" - Ariane Resnick, CNC, Celebrity Chef and Bestselling Author of "The Bone Broth Miracle" and "How to be Well When You’re Not" Developer’s Note: Food Sense is intended to provide general amounts (in ranges of low, medium, and high) for the compounds found in various foods, as referenced in multiple studies and accredited sources. Please consult third party sources and conduct your own research for specific levels, especially if you struggle with severe sensitivities. The catalogue is constantly being updated. If you’d like to see a certain food included, or believe an amount is inaccurate, please contact Privacy Policy: Terms of Use:



  • Not Informative

    By ven571
    Unfortunately, I found this application useless. I was researching food oxalate levels. Each time I clicked on the food I was referred to a page for subscribing to the premium level. I received no information, just ads for a subscription. I went to the resources section to check the resources used for oxalates and found that at at least 60% of the links are no longer valid. Or are over 20 years old.
  • Nice app

    By Krb129
    In review, it’s a really well formatted app but not what I was lookin for. Does anyone know how to cancel the free seven day trial it doesn’t give uric acid levels and this is what I needed? Any help would be appreciated.

    By Cientxa
    This app has been my go to since it was announced as available by Avalon. It is just the best all around reference you will ever need for food intolerance.
  • Highly Recommended

    By DeanerNash
    Living with undiagnosed salicylate sensitivity for years, this app has become a go-to for solid info in this ever growing area of medical study. It was crucial at the beginning of my eventual overcoming the problem, and continues to be invaluable and unrivaled. R. Anderson, Nashville TN
  • Food sensitivity bible!

    By CaniacFan14
    This app is amazingly easy to use and puts food sensitivity info at your fingertips. A must have for those with allergies or for anyone just curious about food details. Choose a food or sensitivity and find all the pros and cons. I’m ‘nuts’ about it!
  • Great tool to heal leaky gut, lose weight

    By Beth in Ocean City
    I learned that much of what I ate contained significant amounts of lectins. No wonder I was gaining weight with “healthy” food. I am grateful to find an app with a quick way to create a new list to help me balance my microbiome, heal the gut and confirm instinctive choices I make in food. This is one of the easiest apps to put to use immediately. Thanks!
  • Love this app

    By Barbaraleee
    This is such an easy to use app if in a grocery store just type in a food item! Only thing that I don’t like is that garbanzo bean or chickpea is not listed 😔
  • Extremely helpful tool that makes eating less stressful!!

    By giusysang75
    Melanie Avalon has created an app that caters to my exact needs of understanding why certain foods don’t agree with me. Whenever I eat something that causes discomfort/gastrointestinal distress/brain fog/ whatever(!), I log onto this app and am quickly able to figure out what compounds in that food likely are the culprits. It’s helped me narrow down which compounds specifically don’t work for me as I have been able to cross reference reactions from different foods to determine commonalities, and therefore, am able to identify what is problematic for me. I appreciate this app so much and recommend it to anyone who has inexplicable negative symptoms after eating.
  • Such a great tool!

    By Dedominicis5
    I use the Foodsense app all the time for my own research and for my nutrition clients. It's very well researched, easy to search and comprehensive. Great job!
  • Very helpful app

    By S Cuddles
    Easy to get information about sensitivities