Meal Plans & Grocery Ari Coach

Meal Plans & Grocery Ari Coach

By Arise Performance Labs, Inc.

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Tired of calorie counting and crash diets? Ari Coach helps you eat healthy and achieve your fitness goals with personalized meal plans & easy recipes! Reach your daily nutrition targets and build healthy habits with Ari - your accountability buddy. Our meal plans are backed by nutrition science, and exclusively designed by dietitians & athletic trainers to help you practice mindful eating and make healthy eating choices. Whether it’s pre or post-workout snacks, carb-cycling or macros, we’ve got you covered! Join hundreds of members who have used our meal plans to eat healthier, lose weight, save money, and lead happier lives. To start, tell Ari about your goals, lifestyle, and values 1. Get meals for rest & workout days 2. Shop groceries or get delivery in 1 tap 3. Make recipes in 5-30 minutes 4. Check-in weekly to achieve your goal! #1 Mindful Meal Planner for busy people Ari Coach will help you gain confidence in the kitchen & nourish your body. Fuel stronger with our powerful features: **Weekly Meal Planner with Easy Recipes** Get weekly meal plans that achieve the macronutrient targets for your lifestyle & workouts. Whether you eat vegan, vegetarian or everything, choose from hundreds of healthy recipes to try. Our simple & tasty recipes have up to 6 main ingredients to streamline meal prep. Recipes have nutrition profiles, easy substitutes, and step-by-step directions. So you can make food without cooking, or with common stuff like a stove, microwave, oven or blender. **Instant Grocery List and Delivery** With 1 tap, the grocery list calculates all the ingredients for the week - saving you time and helping you avoid food waste. Our PRO users can also get groceries delivered in 1 hour with Instacart or Amazonfresh (where available). **Check-in Weekly with Ari** Keep track of your progress and stay accountable to your goals. Build healthier habits with mindful eating tips. Take photos to monitor your progress, and adjust your meal plans to get results! **Mindful Eating Tracker** Even if you eat something else, there are no food restrictions or calorie-counting. Simply track your food choices as on-goal or off-goal. **Save Time & Go Further with PRO Plans** • Set habit goals, with plans to sleep better or overcome cravings • See what to meal prep for the week • Choose 1 protein & carb to base recipes on (optional) • Get groceries delivered (where available) • Learn weekly mindful eating lessons • Ask our nutrition coach • Take progress pics & more! Know what, when, and how much to eat. Ari Coach works as a personal diet assistant that generates a complete weekly meal plan to help you meet your fitness goals. You’re still in control & we’re here to help. We believe that support for healthy living should be accessible to everyone, everywhere. That’s why we offer a free trial for our PRO subscription. With PRO, you get access to 500+ healthy recipes, meal prep view and grocery delivery. Join the Ari Coach PRO membership with a free trial, or purchase the monthly, quarterly or yearly plans. Ari Coach PRO subscription The subscription period will automatically renew unless the auto-renew is turned off at least 24 hours before the end of the current subscription period. To turn this function off, go to your iTunes account and turn off auto-renew. Renewal payments differ depending on subscription and pricing at the time of renewal. Your iTunes account will be charged when the purchase is confirmed. Need help? We’re listening at Terms of Service - Privacy Policy -



  • Great meal planning app!

    By user38494920
    Very innovative and easy to use. Allows you to customize recipes. I am vegan and highly active and it customized every meal of the day for me. There is even a way to order all of the ingredients you need through delivery on the app! 10/10 recommend
  • Makes Everything Easy

    By Sailor Snap Out Of It
    This app breaks down recipes on top of helping you track your workouts! It’s so impressive and well made. My favorite part is that it has a mindful and compassionate tone in terms of the design and the messaging. I’ve been able to completely shift the way I treat my body thanks to this app!
  • Mindful eating made easy

    By hanayosh
    I really enjoy this app’s approach to health and nutrition that puts an emphasis on mindfulness and intuitive eating rather than strict rules and numbers which can be intimidating. It has helped me not only to keep track of the food that i am eating, but how i feel in terms of energy and stress levels. Overall a great app and would recommend for anyone wanting to get in touch with mindful nutrition that is sustainable and actually works!
  • Ari Coach App

    By marcela9822
    I enjoyed the versatility the app offered, it gave me several options to choose recipes depending on my diet. I also really liked the grocery integration that made it so easy to buy groceries from the recipes I was looking at. The only thing I wish is that the app had more features like workouts and tracking.
  • Super customizable to your lifestyle

    By llamahama123
    Ari Coach is a great app which allows me to pick meals which fit my lifestyle. I also really love the grocery feature which makes it easy to shop for food where you can even connect with a delivery service.
  • It Really Works!

    By Elissa Efron
    I have lost a pound every week and I don’t feel like I’m starving! It has really changed my mindset towards food. I am eating large volumes of whole foods from the tasty recipes, but I also get to indulge in waffles and still lose weight!!! The app is informative and so versatile to suit everyone’s lifestyle and goals! I would definitely recommend it to anyone who wants to change their eating habits for the better.
  • Actually good diet planner

    By efronbs
    So far this is the only diet planner that I have tried that I actually like. The meals are tasty and filling, it feels good to eat well and feel good about what I’m eating. My favorite aspect is how the app is designed to help you set goals and track them. It doesn’t shame you for going off goal, in fact it actually accounts for the human “mistakes” you will eventually make, and gently tries to guide you to get back on track. It understands you can’t plan your life around food and can adjust to your eating schedule and style, and is even flexible about what meals you can eat mid week. All around a pleasure to use.
  • Keeping it real and keeping it simple

    By judyngo
    If you were like me over the holidays indulging on meal after meal from thanksgiving to Christmas. This app was definitely the catalyst I needed to shift to a balanced lifestyle. I packed on not only the holiday bloat but extra shelter in place weight!! Your girl was not feeling cute. If you are like me and you just needed someone or Aricoach to keep you balanced and in check on your goals. This is the app for you. I enjoyed the simplistic easy to follow meal plans ESP bc it didnt require me to count my calories or my macros. It broke down simple portion guides. It’s easy to swap out meals and easy to pick out my groceries to meal prep for the week. Been using it for week and already starting to look snatched for the new year!
  • Great approach to get back to intuitive eating

    By Basil Leif
    I needed to steer away from my bad eating habits. Just using the mindful tracker has helped me become aware of patterns like eating when I was bored or stressed out. Definitely check your meals when you eat or skip them. The quick reflection questions have made me think about food differently. The recipes are pretty easy, and shows a variety of spices I can add or omit. There’s a lot to choose from, like the mapo tofu bowl or meatball sandwiches. I can even use hand measurements in a pinch. I love how there’s pre and post workout snack options, and that it shows me what to eat for my diff workout days. And I can quickly order everything I need on Instacart and have everything in hand. This has made it easier to not browse the junk food aisles. But I knew it’s okay to eat treats once in a while. I make sure to focus on enjoying a good portion and not just stuffing my face. Overall this is helping me tune into what makes me feel stronger!
  • Favorite part is the meal planning aspect

    By Mmmelly888
    My favorite part of this app is how it can plan your meals and even calculate out your portions for meal prep. This saves soooo much time and energy. I’ve been trying to meal prep for years and it never stuck because of the planning aspect. But now I have an app to do it for me! :D Also excited to use the delivery option where you can load your grocery list to Amazon prime. I tried it once and it’s so easy, just a couple clicks and everything is on your cart and ready to go!