Mela – Recipe Manager

Mela – Recipe Manager

By Silvio Rizzi

  • Category: Lifestyle
  • Release Date: 2021-08-15
  • Current Version: 2.3.1
  • Adult Rating: 17+
  • File Size: 15.05 MB
  • Developer: Silvio Rizzi
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 12.0 or later.


Mela is a simple, elegant and modern recipe manager that syncs with iCloud. SYNC Sync your recipes with iCloud, either privately (default) or by sharing a recipe library with other iCloud users. IN-APP BROWSER WITH LIVE PREVIEW Quickly save a recipe while browsing: If Mela detects a recipe on the currently viewed page, it will be displayed in Mela's native recipe viewer*, on the same screen. Want to add or view a recipe from outside of Mela? No problem, just use Mela's sharing extension. FEEDS Subscribe to your favorite recipe blogs to view all the recipes in Mela's native recipe viewer*. COOK MODE The cook mode makes it easy to follow all steps while cooking, displayed using a larger font to make sure everything stays readable even when you're not right in front of your device. You can add multiple recipes to the cook mode, easily letting you switch between them. TIMERS No need to switch to another app for setting up a timer. When in cooking mode, Mela let's you easily create and manage timers. SCANNER Scan a recipe from a book: With the help of text recognition, you can just add it to your personal collection and view it in Mela's native recipe viewer, as any other recipe. GROCERIES Mela uses the to manage your grocery list. This has the advantage that you’re always able to access your grocery list on all your devices even if Mela is not installed on a specific device. CALENDAR Do your meal planning by using Mela's built-in calendar. It's managed by which also has the advantage that you're always able to access it on all your devices. There's also a widget, showing you the next planned meal from your calendar. ORGANIZING Recipes can be organized in categories, marked as “Favorite” or as “Want to Cook”. PRINTING Of course, Mela supports printing in case there’s a recipe you want to have on paper or save as PDF. Please note: If iCloud Sync is enabled (default), Mela will sync these items with iCloud: - Recipes - Browser bookmarks - Subscription list (feeds) Not synced: - Feed recipe entries - Browser history Groceries are always stored in Mela is free to download but will require a one-time purchase to unlock all features. * Extracting recipes only works for websites that support this, most of them do.



  • LOVE Silio's apps

    By jalton
    This is a wonderful app. We're getting our family's recipes into a format we can easily use and share with the kids. SO well-designed, it's a joy to enter recipes and use for cooking. One thing I wish: When editing, would be helpful to be able to view the image or scan as a reference when initially creating the recipe.
  • Excellent Recipe App

    By Stochastic42
    This is an excellent, lightweight recipe app that does what you need with finesse, and doesn't try to take over your life. It's also 1/3 the cost of that popular app that tries to do everything short of buying airline tickets. The web clipper is especially good- it can separate the recipe from the fluff on a site and format it perfectly. And then it can export as markdown and import into Bear (or many others) already formatted. It does a lot more too, but it's not a monthly planner like that othr one.
  • Could be great.....

    By Two upset users
    First I'll say the app has great features. Best hands down. But if you need to see your recipes across multiple devices - this one IS NOT IT. They profess to sync across all devices (iphone, ipad and Mac) and I bought 2 separate apps to support this (iOS and Mac) but the recipes do NOT sync. I loaded in over 30 recipes across my ipad and Mac, and the recipes in each collection is different. We also are doing the family share plan - this too doesn't work. Even across my Mac and my husbands Mac (same platform) the recipes DO NOT sync correctly. How can I use the app if I don't know if the recipe I added on my iphone is going to be there to use from my Mac? And support is unavailable - I've emailed several times and no response. Very Unfortunate.
  • Great app

    By funktionsklause
    Just tried it out and it's fantastic. Finally no more browsing lengthy blog posts and stuff to get to the recipes. The only thing that doesn't work is taking pictures with my iPhone. It always crashes, no matter what I try.
  • Can't import from PDF, TXT, or Notes

    By zombi3g
    Neat app, but the Share to Mela feature doesn't work with PDF, Text files, or the Notes app. And the Import option in the app doesn't import these file types either.
  • Great, great, and great

    By 335John
    We've tried a lot of recipe managers, but Mela is by far the easiest, simplist, and most enjoyable to use. The development is superb. Rizzi has put great work into doing the little things right, which leads to the app feeling excellent no matter what you're doing. There's lots of recipe managers out there, but Mela is exclusively a recipe manager and it does it well. A couple of features my wife and I love: - No subscription plan. Pay once, feel safe knowing that we can store recipes into perpetuity. - Great cloud sharing. Because of the magic of iCloud, my wife and I immediately see what recipes we've both added to the app. - Powerful recipe grabbers. Works with almost everything, including online and from a PDF, though manually adding a recipe (for the ones you've got in your head) isn't a pain either. Other than that the app has just about everything else you'd want in a recipe app, including a perfunctory cook mode, automatic formatting, shopping list integration (with iOS Reminders), sharing recipes externally, recipe browsing, and meal planning. --High Level Wishes-- No app is perfect, and there are a couple of features that could improve Mela. That being said, Mela is far and away the best recipe manager we've used. - Shopping list integration outside of Reminders. - Ability to create groups to share with outside of just a family - Pipe dream: I've always wanted a recipe app where when I click on an ingredient in a step the amount I'm supposed to be using pops up. That way I don't have to scroll over and lose my spot to see how much salt I was supposed to add.
  • Pretty but shallow

    By in2insight
    The UI is nice and bright. The layout is not the best and does not appear to be adjustable. (i.e. ingredienats show up on left side with direction on right. Would prefer it the other way around and could not find an option to do so) The feed feature is great and works like a charm. Scanning is an exersice in frustration. The How To on the developers site is basic at best. Developer was not responsive to email.
  • This one.

    By Anamenotinuse
    To be fair, I haven't tried the competition. That said, this is a nice piece of work. I like the ease with which it imports recipes, I like the grocery list feature. I like that I was able to learn to use the features without having to resort to documentation; you can find stuff just by poking around a little. As of this writing, MacOS has I think just added a grocery-sorting feature to its reminders app. Since Mela already uses reminders to sync grocery lists across devices, *hopefully* the reminders API is friendly enough to allow Mela to set the list type to "Groceries" :-)
  • Fantastic Recipe App

    By theethicalslug
    I've been talking about Mela to everyone I know. It's just so thoughtfully designed; aesthetically pleasing, legible, and full of functional features without becoming cluttered or feeling gimmicky. I have ADHD and this app makes cooking so much easier for me. My only minor beef with it is that I find the app formats portrait-oriented recipes images oddly on my iPad. But that's literally the only downside I've encountered. It's so great at scraping recipes from talky food blogs that the in-app browser feature alone is a game-changer. Extremely worth the one-time fee.
  • Worthless

    By dyhome
    Cannot import recipes in MacGourmet, Master Cook, Mealmaster or any text formats. Have 10,000 recipes.