AA Reader - Immersive reading

AA Reader - Immersive reading

By Salix Dijital Pazarlama Anonim Sirketi

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Simple & elegant, free & powerful ebook + web bookmark! With AA Reader, learning English has never been easier! Support EPUB, PDF, MOBI, TXT, RTF, DOCX, all audio formats, and web pages. Support Wi-Fi uploading of books and audio files. No ad! Fully support iPhone X and iPad Pro series devices! No content in any form or download link is provided inside the app! AA Reader is an AI (Artificial Intelligent) + NLP (natural language processing) driven ebook + web bookmark that focuses on helping readers to read ebooks and web content and learn at the same time. Some key features are here: Export words to Anki with options to select fields and hide the header. The exported file is in .apkg format. Jot down your notes in Apple Pencil and view them in iPad landscape mode side by side with the text 1. Tap a word to explain (or translate), context-based explanation/ translation will display next to the tapped word, saving you time to read the full dictionary entry which unnecessarily interprets your reading experience. 2. New words and their container sentence will be automatically saved to your vocabulary list, you can export them through iCloud /email. 3. Explanation/translation will automatically display when the new word appears again in future reading, this will greatly enhance your memory, no need to memorize by rote anymore. 4. Dictionary explains includes lemmatization form of the word (men -> man) and verb phrase explain (get rid of), help you to understand the entire sentence better. 5. Reading summary page shows at every end of the chapter shows you the new and learned words in that chapter with sentences containing them. 6. Frequency of use of each word and difficulty level for articles represented by star rating. 7. Examination mode (multiple choice) will help you to effectively revise what you have learned. 8. Revision mode (flashcard), you can choose which words you want to revise on the "Words" page. On the revision card, you can show sentences as a hint. 9. Scan to read feature allows you to extract text from a camera or photos and study 10. Audio ebook-reading feature synchronizes text with professional narrators' voices, giving you an immersive reading and learning experience 11. Web bookmark feature is available as an extension, saved articles will show up on the home page. Web content saved will automatically be saved offline for your convenience. 12. Multiple ways to upload your ebooks such as Wifi transfer, uploading through the Files app, uploading through iTunes, downloading from the web, etc... No content is provided by the app itself! 13. Use the text-to-speech engine to read out books and articles for you. With the latest neural network engine, the experience will be very close to a real human. The cost is high, please use considerably. 14. iCloud file synchronization makes reading books and audiobooks on different devices super easy. Traditional ebook readers offer a tap-and-hold-for-dictionary feature for any new word you see. Not only does it greatly interrupts your reading experience, but you would also hardly learn any new word from it. AA Reader's innovative inline contextual explanation/translation service gives you back seaming-less reading and learning experience. Reading has never been easier! Limited vocabulary? Stop trying to memorize by rote, you will automatically remember words using this method, without you even knowing it, try it yourself! Under the hood, AA Reader makes heavy use of machine learning, big data analytics, and NLP (natural language processing) to power these innovative features. We are working day and night to improve accuracy and performance. If you encounter any translation errors, please use the in-app feature to upload the errors to us, this will help us to improve. Enjoy reading now!



  • 非常好用

    By Tim wong7
  • 闪退无法使用

    By Sauna 🙂
    虽然很想用,但是 iPhone 和 ipad 都是不断闪退,无法正常使用。不清楚这个软件以前是什么情况
  • 你知道什么叫best么

    By 赵粥
  • 支持

    By EvanJohns428
    很棒的软件 刚才用 期待
  • 5
    By ceusibsuxhqjiai
  • 功能都特别方便智能实用 对阅读英文很有帮助 尤其单词复习

    By 古古怪怪个v把你爸爸家家户户金牛男
    智能方便 实用 强烈推荐
  • 最好用的阅读软件没有之一

    By bigzhu very big
    美中不足是有一些小bug, 另外能有更好的上下文翻译引擎就好了,哪怕付费的
  • 为啥app Store搜索不到,靠知乎上的链接安装的

    By Take125775
  • 很有用的阅读器

    By paradox-x
  • Very useful app

    By Yunjie#1023
    Thank you for the amazing app! It really helped me a lot.