Food Intolerances

Food Intolerances

By Baliza GmbH

  • Category: Food & Drink
  • Release Date: 2011-05-03
  • Current Version: 5.9
  • Adult Rating: 12+
  • File Size: 65.35 MB
  • Developer: Baliza GmbH
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 14.0 or later.
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■ Latest Awards • Best Allergy Apps of the Year 2020 • Focus Money 2019: "Best App" in the health category • MeinAllergiePortal – Digital Health Heroes Award 2021 The app Food Intolerances helps you if you have to stick to a restricted diet after being diagnosed with food intolerances, sensitivities or allergies. It offers you an extensive food list with more than 1,100 foods, tables with the most important data and detailed comments for assessing the tolerance. The most important applications are histamine intolerance, mastocytosis, a low FODMAP diet for IBS, fructose malabsorption, sorbitol intolerance, lactose intolerance, salicylate intolerance or gluten sensitivity. Our app has been reviewed by the medical jury of MeinAllergiePortal and was awarded the Digital Health Heroes Award twice. ■ The best app for your needs • Configure the app to fit your specific needs • Check your favorite meals with the recipe calculator • Track your diet with the food diary • Add your own notes and manually adjust ratings where necessary • Add foods to your list of favorites • Filter and sort by various criteria ■ Low FODMAP diet and IBS • Fructose intolerance • Lactose intolerance • Sorbitol and other sugar alcohols • Oligosaccharides (e.g. fructans and galactans) • Total FODMAP content ■ Histamine and tyramine intolerance • Content of histamine, tyramine and other biogenic amines • Histamine liberators and DAO inhibitors • Problematic medicines and food additives ■ More intolerances and allergies • Salicylate or Aspirin intolerance • Benzoic acid and benzoates • Balsam of Peru allergy • Nickel allergy and nickel content • Oxalic acid and oxalates • Additional profiles for gluten, wheat, soy, yeast, sulfites, dairy, egg, fish, meat, pork, beef, honey, treenuts and nightshades ► Free version • Basic information for 8 out of 15 intolerances • Access to our food database with more than 1,100 entries • Detailed articles about food intolerances • Shopping list • Creation of three recipes • Creation of three entries in the food diary • Personal notes, ratings and favorites • Free blog with interesting articles* • Direct link to Wikipedia articles • Dark Mode • No internet connection required ► PRO version (in-app purchase) • Access to all information and data • Filter and sorting function • Recipe nutrition calculator • Unlimited number of entries in the food diary • Access to all 15 sensitivities and additional 13 allergens • Adjustable portion sizes • Assessment of the total sugar content • One time purchase, no subscription ► Nutritional values (in-app purchase) With an additional in-app users of the PRO version can unlock 46 nutritional values. • General nutrition facts • Vitamins A, B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, B9 (folic acid), B12, C, D, E and K • Minerals and micronutrients (e.g. iron, zinc, calcium, magnesium, ...) • Recommended daily intake • Omega-6/Omega-3 ratio, glycemic index and glycemic load • Alcohol content • Calculation and tracking of nutritional values ■ About us At Baliza, we have been developing nutritional apps that provide tailored nutritional recommendations to people with special dietary needs since 2011. Our award-winning apps are helpful guides that combine carefully researched information from scientific sources with all the capabilities offered by modern smartphones. You get all of our apps as a fair one-time purchase without a subscription. *



  • Wonderful App for Food Allergies, Intolerances, Sensitivities

    By GenPrincess
    Great app to look up food allergies, intolerances, sensitivities, and also track them in a daily diary where you can check daily nutrient & vitamin intake from food versus daily required. Only wish I could also add my vitamin and supplements in the diary as well so I can see if I’ve met my daily minimum’s, not exceeded maximums or that I am not intolerant of any of them especially when buying them.
  • Questionable info

    By one mudmaiden
    Just downloaded the free version. They’re saying that egg whites are histamine free. Everything I have read says that egg whites are fairly high in histamine and our liberator of histamine. I have a membership with the Swiss interest group histamine intolerance. Very thorough in their information. It’s worth 35 bucks. They actually refer this app so I am not sure what’s going on why this app would have contradictory information to the Website. This is a big deal. Actually I hope somebody responds to this as well. I found some other discrepancies, but I figured I’d start here.
  • Very little information provided

    By Health Conscious VA
    After downloading the free app, excited to learn about food intolerances, I found incomplete sentences. Unless you pay extra, the information will show the first 5 words and then 3 dots to describe the food and whether there is a strong interaction or low interaction. If you are ok with the stoplight colors as your answer to whether a food is safe, then you may like this app. I find it frustrating and a bait and switch. They should just charge money for the app initially instead of making people think the app is free.
  • Great app!

    By Save Me from Charm Pass App
    I love this app. It’s really easy to use and has proved very accurate based on my experiences with histamine intolerance (HIT) syndrome. Before discovering this app, I was using the SIGHI food list, which although it is excellent doesn’t include some of the foods (e.g., pecans, kale) I wanted to check. I believe everyone’s experience of histamine intolerance is slightly different. The differences we all experience perhaps explain why this app classifies some foods in the mild-histamine range, whereas other apps classify them more severely. In my case, this app’s classification scale more closely matches my experiences. I also like that I could pay a one-time fee for the PRO version, rather than paying monthly as infinitum.
  • Lifesaver!!

    By Missjulie622
    This app has been so helpful in managing my various food allergies & sensitivities; life and the chore of eating has become easier since I downloaded it a few years ago…thank you so much for being here!
  • Not correct on many products

    By Akbirddog
    Lists many products as high histamine when they are not. For instance paprika as high when only the hot one is , cumin as high when it’s not high and peas as high where as frozen peas are low.
  • Spotty info

    By Ada woods
    It’s a great app as far as the layout and details it provides. I’ve only been using it a few days and already I’ve poisoned myself and wasted money in food I can’t eat. I currently and in the weeds as far as SIBO and histamine intolerance goes. I checked figs in the app and got the green light. I ate 4 and had a severe reaction. After looking online I found figs are very high fodmop for their fructose content, one of the highest fruits actually. Which makes sense when I think about it, but I was just following the app. We’ll see how it goes, although now I feel I need to cross reference everything it gives me, which sort of defeats the purpose. Its a bummer to have this happen right at the beginning of using it! Completely broke my confidence and I’m sure it’s most accurate with the info. Just bad luck and really bad autoimmune response as a result.
  • Low nickel diet simplified

    By Victory Vixen
    This is the best app I’ve found that gives vital information to manage my nickel allergy and lactose intolerance. Using the food diary feature I can easily figure out how to get the nutrients I need despite the overwhelming number of restricted foods my diet requires.
  • Perfect for MAOI users who need realistic tyramine numbers...

    By Wolstuff
    Most of the time those of us who take MAOIs are given a ridiculously long list of foods to avoid completely, when in reality they may not contain high amounts of tyramine. Now, instead of searching all over PubMed, etc. for real-world measurements, I can find everything here! MAOIs literally saved my life. Information about them on the Internet is often biased and inaccurate to the point of worthlessness. They are fantastic for treatment resistance depression, and for some people also reduce or eliminate any desire for alcohol. If you are considering them, get this app for the tyramine information, if no other reason. Because following a safe MAOI diet is simply not as difficult as so ignorant doctors and profit-hungry pharmaceutical companies claim. Worth every penny. $16.00 bucks is nothing for what you get and the astonishing amount of expert, current research it consolidates.
  • Double check the sources

    By rocky mountain fog
    Beware of the sources and double check them. App had hazelnuts listed as high salicylate which I found odd. I went to one of the sources listed in the app and the paper made no mention of hazelnuts in the study.