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CorrLinks is a way for family and friends to electronically communicate with their loved ones incarcerated in institutions. Established through a relationship between a corrections agency and ATG, this system allows family and friends to subscribe to CorrLinks services. Currently all Federal Bureau of Prisons and Department of Corrections (DOC) for the States of Iowa and Oklahoma institutions allow such communication. Note: To use this app, you must have a paid Premier Account subscription. The app has the following features: • Stay in contact with your loved ones with real time alerts. Receive immediate push notifications to your device every time you receive a new message! • Eliminates login on a mobile device! • Messages downloaded significantly faster! • Messages previously read are in your inbox and don’t need to be downloaded again! • Retain all of your messages for 60 days, instead of 30! • Attach up to 3 mobile devices to your account! • Eliminates Captcha on the mobile app – that hard to read verification process! If you have issues with the app, please contact CorrLinks support at:



  • Potential to be great but not

    By Mandy123456$
    Why doesn’t it count the characters and tell you? It is a simple thing to put so you know how much you can type. It is slow and doesn’t tell you how many characters left and it is annoying and honestly it is a simple fix if you would just do it
  • Being charged twice for the yearly- no customer service to resolve the ussue

    By Fd113
    After a couple of months my account expired. I paid the years subscription and got 2 months of use and your asking me to pay again? There’s no customer service, what’s with that? I’d give no stars if I could.
  • App doesn’t work for me since last update

    By I <3 <3 my iPhone ;)
    That’s the review. Please advice and fix this. I cannot log in, it says I’m already logged in
  • Update

    By my3birds
    please update app it boots me out right in the middle of the message
  • Premier

    By Daughter of the kne true King
    I can’t even upgrade it says do it in the app I go to app login says I must first upgrade there’s no where to upgrade grrrrr very frustrating right now
  • Glitch

    By realkyndoll
    App was updated & now moves slow. Also crashes as soon as you begin to type.
  • No Logging In!

    By Cookie Moster101
    I put all my information in CORRECTLY and it’s saying there are issues or it’s incorrect. I went on safari to log in and it’s saying to read or write messages I need to upgrade to a premier account. So to spend more money to receive messages and write to my friend over the phone? Yeah, don’t even bother it’s free to do so on a PC. Don’t bother with the app just do it on a computer.
  • Once step forward, two steps back

    By Jeff Zacharias
    After 4 years of requesting a critical bug be fixed that could cause you to lose everything you typed into an email message, they have finally released an update that fixed the problem. However, it looks like the app has been rewritten in one of the poor cross platform tools and now we have lost simply things such as being able to copy and paste parts of an email which I do often, and the app doesn’t feel or work like an iPhone/iPad app should. While I am grateful for this app and the ability to communicate, the developer clearly needs do to a much better job. Hopefully the next update in 4 years will be better.
  • Can’t open

    By umissy
    I’ve been having issues all week, I’m stuck on the opening page and won’t let me sign on.
  • Not it!!!

    By Chchbccg
    Definitely not a fan of this new updated app you used to be able to scroll up and down when you were on each message now you have to literally go back out every time you read and respond to a message you have to go back out to the original inbox screen.Then the app keeps freezing. I thought it was my phone but it’s continuing to do it.PLEASE FIX THIS ASAP!!!!