Cocktail Art - Bartender App

Cocktail Art - Bartender App

By Digisense Apps Limited

  • Category: Food & Drink
  • Release Date: 2017-01-19
  • Current Version: 5.42
  • Adult Rating: 17+
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  • Developer: Digisense Apps Limited
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 13.0 or later.
Score: 4.57547
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A huge selection of cocktails with collections of recipes for any occasion. Descriptions of all ingredients and variants for their replacement. Add your drinks to the bar and you can see what you can make from them. Have your own cocktail? Add it to the app. Rate cocktails and create your own selection of the best cocktails. New recipes and collections Classic minimalistic or sultry tropical tiki cocktails? You can find everything in the “Cocktails Art - Drinks Recipes” free mixology app. More than 1000 cocktails to make up a drink menu for any occasion. Select cocktails based on gin, vodka, tequila or any other ingredients. Every month I add new recipes and collections. You can always find the best recipe selections on the homepage of my mixology app. My bar Add all the ingredients on hand to "My bar" and see what alcoholic drinks you can mix. To see all the cocktails recipes available check the option “Only my ingredients” when searching. There is already a great variety of liqueurs, bitters and other alcoholic spirits in the bar. For easier navigation, the section in our cocktail app is organized into these subcategories: Popular – the most common ingredients to set up your minibar like a professional bartender or mixologist, such as vodka, rum, tequila, whiskey, vermouths, Angostura bitters, lime juice, lemon juice and so on. Basic spirits – the spirits commonly used in mixology as a foundation for the cocktail taste building. In this minibar there are tequila, vodka, rye whiskey, wine and others. Liqueurs – a variety of bitters, vermouths, brandies and liqueurs proper. Here we have your favourite Cointreau, Campari, Kahlua and other drinks common used in mixology. Mixers – soda, juices and syrups. For example, Coca-Cola, Sprite and so on. Ingredients info and analogues Met the ingredient that is unknown for you? Read a short story about it in the ingredient description section. Also here you can find analogues and replacement options for the most popular drinks of our bartender app. Advanced search of cocktail recipes Search mixing drinks you wish by any ingredient, colour, basic flavour profile (sweet, sour, bitter), drink volume (shot, short and long drinks) or just by name. Any combinations. Filter the recipes you can make by the ingredients on hand. Favourites Liked a cocktail? Save the recipes of the mixed drinks you like to Favourites. Make your own recipe book. Your own cocktails You know a cocktail that not in the out drink app? Add your recipes in "My cocktails" section. The most interest recipes will be added to the app. Make the app your own recipe keeper. Your own collections Tired of writing out the most interesting recipes? No problem! Create you own collections for any ocassion for your home bar. Rate cocktails Try a cocktail? Give a feedback to all users of our drink app and rate it. Measurement units for bartenders from all over the world Use suitable units in our drink app for prepare the greatest mixing drinks: ounces or millilitres. Something is missing… You’ve noticed a mistake, are willing to suggest a new cocktail or just to chat about bars, cocktails, drinks, mixology, bartender or bartending and all the other stuff, saw a good feature in other cocktail app, wine app, beer app, bartender app or some other drinking app – write at Term's of Use:



  • Make it a lot more streamline for searching a recipe

    By Vigilanteprofit
    And have a suggested search/spell check in search. Would also be nice to sort craftable cocktails by rating.
  • Total thumbs down

    By MeandFlea
    App claims to be able to show you what drinks are available to make with the ingredients you select that you have. Yeah, it doesn’t do that at all. It’s a waste of money and the recipes it does provide are a waste. There are other apps out there that provide way more for way less. The 5 star reviews are more than likely fake reviews.
  • Free bartender lessons

    By mad at 51
    Not free as advertised
  • Excelente

    By Jjajajajaaj
    Estoy muy agradecido con esta aplicación esta muy buenas gracias por las recetas
  • App is ok but constant spam to review

    By spammyrequests
    Make a good app the ruin it by spamming review requests
  • Weird connection issues.

    By Cubical Productions
    I really like this app’s design. It allows you to add your own cocktails, build up collections, etc. It’s an extremely versatile canvas you can paint to suit your bar and the bottles you have. Unfortunately, I can’t go more than a few clicks through this app without hitting the loading wheel that never ends, followed by a “connection lost” symbol. Apart from downloading and sharing cocktail recipes, I simply can’t understand why an app like this would constantly need to be connected to the internet.
  • No Search Feature

    By NYC TX Aggie
    Lots of recipes there, but haven’t found a search feature to locate specific cocktails
  • Worth the upgrade price

    By BevMoly
    This is easy to use and I like the fact I can enter what I have on hand and get recipes that allow me to try different drinks. The only issue I have is that some of the recipes use a measurement abbreviated “pc” and I can’t find a definition for that so don’t know how to put those cocktails together. If the developer reads this can you respond with what this measurement is???
  • It’s good, but there’s room for improvement

    By logan3-1639
    This is the first cocktails app I’ve installed, and I paid the one-time fee for the upgrade that adds hundreds more recipes to the app’s database. Because it’s the only app of its kind that I’ve used, I have nothing to compare it to. There are way more drinks in the database than I’ll ever try, but it’s good to have so many drink recipes to explore. I like that I can check favorite recipes, which get added to a “Favorites” collection. That makes it easy to find them again. You can also create your own collection of recipes, although I don’t see myself doing that. Also, each image is accompanied by a colorful image of a glass containing the finished beverage in the recipe. The image isn’t a photograph, rather, it’s an artist’s rendering that suggests what the finished drink looks like. Personally, I’d rather see a photograph, but I don’t object to the illustrations. You can create individual drink recipes, too, and this is a nice feature, which brings me to a criticism. I created my first recipe for a Mai Tai, because the recipe included in the app doesn’t mention ice. I’d never had a Mai Tai before, but I couldn’t imagine it wouldn’t include ice. So I googled Mai Tai, and sure enough, it’s made with crushed ice. If there was a way to edit recipes in the default database, I would have added a sentence in the description of how to make the drink, but the default recipes can’t be edited. So I created a new recipe for Trader Vic’s version of the Mai Tai and noted that it requires crushed ice. Another criticism is that there are a lot of typos and misspellings. The first drink that appears on the default “Cocktails” tab is the “Honye B.” I cold be wrong, but I think it’s supposed to be spelled “Honey B,” since one of the ingredients is honey. And that brings up another issue. In the recipe for “Honye B,” the measurement for the honey ingredient is “20 pc.” That measurement also appears in the ingredients for a Bloody Mary... Worcestershire sauce: 3 pc, and Pepper: 2 pc. What is a “pc”? Maybe if I were a mixologist, I’d know what a “pc” of honey is, but I have no idea. The instructions for a Kamikaze read, “Shake with ice cube and strain into a chilled cocktail glass.” Just one ice cube? My intuition says ice *cubes* but the ambiguous instructions would lead me to google the drink recipe just to be sure. The Mojito recipe calls for mint *sprigs,* but the mixing instructions say “muddle mint *springs* with sugar and lime juice...” It’s obvious that the author meant to say “muddle mint *sprigs,*” but this is another example of sloppy, or nonexistent, copy editing. I’ve only looked at a few dozen recipes and found the errors above. I’m guessing that there are probably several more typos, spelling, and usage errors among the hundreds of recipes that I haven’t viewed yet. The point, for me, is that all of these little errors (including omitting the crushed ice for the Mai Tai recipe) don’t inspire confidence in the app. I shouldn’t have to google a drink recipe to verify that a recipe included in this app is accurate. I appreciate what the developer has done, and the app is useful, but it doesn’t reflect the highest level of professionalism. It’s not polished.
  • Awesome app

    By hdroadking1955
    This is an awesome app; I love it! Just can’t figure out what the number relates to on each drink!!! Hmmmm! Keep up the great job!