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Experience the thrill of Formula 1® like never before with the F1 TV app. Watch live and on-demand races with exclusive features including driver onboard cameras, expert commentary and real-time data. With F1 TV Pro, you can: • Stream all Formula 1 track sessions live and on demand, with broadcasts available in 6 languages • Personalise your view with exclusive onboard cameras and team radios, focusing on your favourite drivers and teams • Catch full race replays, highlights and exclusive analysis shows • Dive into the world of motorsport with F2™, F3™, Porsche Supercup and F1 ACADEMY™ coverage • Enjoy a premium ad-free experience and stream across six devices simultaneously at no extra cost. With F1 TV Access, you can: • Watch full race replays and highlights on demand • Enjoy F1® shows and documentaries • Explore over 2000 hours of historic race archives • Gain full exclusive access to live timing data, driver tracker maps and analysis For help with F1TV, please visit: https://support.f1.tv/s/?language=en_US Terms of use: https://account.formula1.com/#/en/f1-apps-terms-of-use Privacy policy: https://account.formula1.com/#/en/privacy-policy



  • More info about prep this year.Fun with predictions; about the race pace of podium candidates.

    By gishimota
    The analysis of newtech was rather revealing re: chassis redesigned susp. changes
  • Picture in Picture/background option

    By NyôX
    I’m generally happy with this app, even happier now that I’m able to finally have premium in the Middle East region, however would love it if I can run the app in the background while working on something else on my phone or iPad, the way Netflix and Youtube premium does..please consider this in your next update. Thank you!
  • Needs PiP

    By evajsd
    Picture in Picture would be perfect for this app!!!
  • No Picture in Picture mode, flaky scrubbing

    By Tim Heckman
    Another F1 season is upon us, and we are again without Picture in Picture mode. Which means when watching F1 we cannot vote for the driver of the day, as we’d need to leave the app and then stop the stream from playing back. I left the pre-season testing stream for a minute on day 2, and when I came back the app had glitched and wouldn’t continue playing from where I left off. I had to either watch from beginning and find my place, or watch live and just miss what I hadn’t seen. I tried to find my last watched position, but it was impossible because the position scrubber is kind of glitchy and hard to use. All the other major streaming apps support Picture in Picture, how come the app for the top racers in the world can’t?
  • Needs Vision Pro support!

    By DetroitRonin
    The F1 TV app is not compatible with Vision Pro, and they block you from streaming on the device, so no dice.
  • Much Improved

    By CapeCod38
    F1TV Seems to have gotten many bugs be gone. Not any stagger, buffering or latency issues. So far so good. When we go live globally we can only hope the broadcasts continue as well as Bahrain testing has.
  • Stuck in first great

    By juicy fruit fun
    Every year I go to my F1 TV app at the beginning of the season and it doesn’t recognize my account. Same login. Grrr.
  • Amazing

    By st Elie G
    Fantastic and fair pricing ! Let’s goooo McLaren 2024 !
  • Missing key features

    By Reifela
    Overall fine app. Sad to see that there is no Picture in Picture support on ios and the fact that it’s 2024 and the stream isn’t 4K is unfortunate.
  • Good not great

    By CorbinMyMan
    The app works well, I was happy to see when they added a feature that let you resume a race where you left off. This app would be amazing, except it's for formula one only. I wish this app also had other racing series, like IMSA. Honestly I feel badly only giving 3 stars, because the app itself is really great and has amazing features. However, if you have volume on, you are forced to listen to some men talk about things that have very little to do with what is actually happening in the race you are watching. Again, in other competitive motorsports, commentary tends to be about what is going on and not just blabber. If the app had different content instead of only F1, it would have 5 stars from me, but since that's it, I would say it's only OK. It's not the apps fault that one team is clearly so much faster than all the others, but it make watching anything on the app boring because last year only one person won basically every race. It also isn't the apps fault that the commentary is terrible, but it would be nice if they had a few commentary feeds to chose from, like one that is more technical and based in fact, versus the current one that is off the cuff speculation and blabber. I do think these issue make it clear that F1 cares more about being an entertainment company than a competitive racing series. But at least there is some entertainment value in watching a guy who wins all the races then proceed whine like a 3 year old baby all the time. I mean, I literally laugh because he is grown man, paid $100M/yr, who acts like a spoiled little child. Maybe they didn't mean for it to be so humorous, but over the years F1 has become a sort of joke in many ways.