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  • Beware!

    By Eem72
    I got a new phone and had to change my password for Planta. I used the same email. Upon opening my account, all my plants and history are gone. There is no one to contact except a bot that does nothing. I have around 30 plants on this for a few years and it’s all lost. I’m looking for a new app and will delete this one.
  • Misleading Pricing

    By Gospino123
    I followed an in-app advertisement saying it would be $36/yr for the subscription. After I clicked pay, the payment was $4.80. Folks, this is a convenient error that adds 60% to the advertised price. Kind of disappointing as this is the first interaction I’m having with this app.
  • Great app!

    By Yall-
    Love the app. One thing though, I was signing in for the first time for my grandma but I couldn’t find a section to change the language. I am fluent in English and she is fluent in Spanish. Please update the app so she doesn’t have to struggle.😅
  • sick plant

    By guber25
    I want to know why this plant is dying!
  • Great for scheduling watering

    By Sabewena
    To be honest, I use the free version because I can’t afford to pay for the app yet, so there may be things I’m missing. I like that it nudges me about watering because I apparently was underwatering everything. Some of the other features are nifty. I like the shopping section. It’s handy for just getting what I need especially as (again) I would forget if I had to navigate away. I wish there was an away mode because it’s demanding updates, etc. but I am not home so whatever is going on there is out of my control. Also, I wish there was a way to tell the app the position of my plants in relation to my windows. I have a christmas cactus about a foot away from my window so the app keeps yelling at me that it’s too sunny. What it doesn’t know is that it’s NEXT to the window against the wall and gets zero direct sunlight. A minor annoyance, but still. I also wish we could just input our zip code instead of it getting mad that I won’t give it access to my location (I have location disabled on my iPad as I am a very private person). [Update] I tried connecting my location to the internet briefly to allow it to find my location, but it didn’t stay? It thinks I’m in a whole other state. Anyway- the window distance= amount of sunlight thing is killing my Christmas cactus I think. It’s prompting me to water frequently and now there’s mold on the soil. I need to figure out what distance the app needs me to lie to it about so that it understands zero sunlight. This would be easier if I could just manually input the amount of sunlight.
  • Plant Saver

    By JoshuaComeau
    I’ve always loved plants but have always killed them almost immediately, complete black thumb. After researching and test driving multiple plant care apps, I landed on Planta. Long story short, I now have about 8 plants that not only are still alive, but thriving with new growth about 3-4 months in! Without this app I would have easily killed all these plants by now. It’s even given me the confidence to buy more new plants! A great feature I couldn’t find anywhere else is that you can add family members or a house sitter via invite, so they’re able to download the app, view and complete plant care tasks under one subscription. So I purchased the app but my girlfriend is able to help with the plant tasks and check them off once completed, which syncs across all devices. This app has earned a customer for life, and made me confident to take care of, and even buy new plants. Thanks Planta!
  • This app gets worse and worse and they do not care about fixing the biggest issues

    By Chett Binks
    I’ve been using Planta for about three years now and it has been on a steady decline the entire time with new features consistently being implemented poorly in lieu of fixes for previous poor implementations. As an example Comcast recently went down in my area and Planta was rendered completely useless because for some reason your plant data isn’t stored locally. This is a great app if you have two pothos that you occasionally need help remembering to water, but if you have a collection of plants you need to schedule watering for this is absolutely not a reliable tool.
  • Great!

    By Liz Martin 11
    Helps me keep track of all my plants and has accurate watering schedules. Works great in tandem with basic plant knowledge to avoid over watering etc!
  • Poor identifier

    By RoxynYoda
    Everything is a pothos! I use google to identify plants more than I use this app. When I first bought it I was extremely happy, but now, there’s glitch after glitch after GLITCH!!! Needless to say, I won’t be renewing my subscription.
  • Cool Idea, Needs More Tech

    By TheRollingBear
    I liked the idea of Planta, so I downloaded it and paid for a 12-month subscription. After about 2 months, I stopped using Planta. Here’s why: - the scan feature isn’t very good. A lot of plants aren’t listed in their directory, and many times, I’d scan a plant and get the wrong result. A southern magnolia came up as a rubber tree plant, one of our flowers came back as oregano… just overall, unless it’s a simple apple tree or tomato plant, the scan feature wasn’t super reliable. - the watering guidance was wrong for several plants. Planta insisted that I only water my green onions once per month. They looked extremely thirsty, so I started watering more and the plant health improved. Ditto for my grapes plant. Needed more water than what Planta suggested and perked up after I stopped listening to Planta and went rogue. This would be fine, except there’s no ability to manually alter the watering schedule of your plant. You just “water early”… but the same issue continues to pop up, as it won’t recommend water often enough for several plants. (Before I get a smart response from someone, the lighting, planter type, size, and soil were all inputted accurately). Maybe if you have 1-5 plants inside and outside, this app works. But having to input details, watering frequency, size, and repeated “progress reports” for my garden of +50 plants felt tedious, repetitive, and didn’t seem to add any benefit to me or my garden. With more smart tech, to enhance existing features, this could be cool. But it seems like the subscription is banking on you connecting and chatting with one of their plant experts… and I’m not interested in that. I just want an app that helps me maintain my garden without forcing me to do a bunch of extra research, auditing, and fact checking. Planta is a cool idea, but it’s not fully baked yet.