CHANI: Your Astrology Guide

CHANI: Your Astrology Guide

By Chani Nicholas Incorporated

  • Category: Lifestyle
  • Release Date: 2020-12-17
  • Current Version: 1.3.5
  • Adult Rating: 12+
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  • Developer: Chani Nicholas Incorporated
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 14.2 or later.
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CHANI is your personalized guide through life’s ups and downs. The app was designed to make astrology accessible and useful. Our mission is to help people live their life’s purpose, and we believe that when you know your birth chart — aka your life’s blueprint — you’re better equipped to unlock your life’s potential and your personal power. WHAT PEOPLE ARE SAYING: “This app is my safe space.” “This app is like a chat with my best friend “This app is honestly life changing. Never have I understood myself more”. “the best way to start every daily” “I always laugh. I am often deeply moved. And always leave with more tools and compassion in my pocket to move through my day and the world.” Our app is FREE to download. ALL users have access to the following FREE FEATURES AND CONTENT: - DAILY HOROSCOPES: Daily horoscopes to know how the astrology of the day will impact you. - MOON PHASES: Daily updates on the Moon’s phase and sign, and guidance on how to create Moon magic. - THE WEEK AHEAD: A weekly podcast that gives you a rundown of the astrology of the week and tips on how to work with it. - THE CURRENT SKY: A snapshot of what sign each planet is currently in, along with dates and information on when each planet stations retrograde. - ASTRO WEATHER: An astrological forecast of how the next 7 days will look on a collective level - BIRTH CHART: An overview of where each planet is positioned in your birth chart, and a summary of each planet’s role. We also offer PREMIUM SUBSCRIPTIONS that unlock all app content. This includes the following PREMIUM FEATURES: - BIRTH CHART READINGS & DESCRIPTIONS: Detailed insights into your unique birth chart. This feature unlocks every planet in your chart and the significant relationships they have with one another. - WEEKLY MAGIC & MANIFESTATION: Weekly readings, rituals, and audio offerings to help you get the most out of the week and its astrology. This also includes a personalized podcast for your rising sign, guided meditations and affirmations, journal prompts, and altar suggestions. With this content, you’ll get all of the tools you need to work with major astrological moments like New Moons, Full Moons, retrogrades, eclipses, and more. - DAILY FEATURED MEDITATION: A guided meditation for each day to help you make the most of the day’s astrological energy. - TRANSITS: A daily, hyper-personalized look at how the planets in the sky are interacting with your unique birth chart. These transits are time-sensitive and build upon your horoscopes by giving you precise insight into when and how certain planets will impact you. - YOUR YEAR AHEAD: A personalized astro-reading for the year that tells you what to expect each month, what the main themes of the year are, and how to work with the astrology via rituals, journal prompts, alar suggestions, and guided meditations. - A LIBRARY OF AFFIRMATIONS AND GUIDED MEDITATIONS: A library of audio meditations and affirmations to support you through all of your moods and needs. Who we are: CHANI is a queer, feminist-led team on a mission to support everyone in living their purpose. 5% of all our company’s revenue is disbursed directly to queer, trans, Black, Indigenous, POC, and/or disabled survivors of gender-based violence by We believe in promoting economic justice from the inside out and that good business prioritizes personal well-being. That’s why no one on our team is paid less than $80K before benefits and each of our employees is offered fully covered health, dental, and vision insurance; a 401(k) with a 5% match; unlimited menstrual leave; gender-based violence paid and protected leave; unlimited PTO with a vacation stipend; a wealth-building stipend; and more. Providing a sound and safe work environment for our team is what allows us to produce work that can transform people’s lives and have a lasting impact.



  • Not just astrology 🤩

    By RobertaMunroe
    CHANI brings her whole self to this work and it shows through her relentless pursuit of what we all deserve: to feel freedom to be our whole selves no matter what. Also follow her on Instagram!
  • Worth the money!

    By Becky N21
    I have been on the Chani app for over a year and I just decided to upgrade. I love it! This app has so many benefits to my daily life; from offering a good approach to mindset and mindfulness to meditation and more. I love the astrology aspect but I love the balance of this app the most! Thanks Chani!
  • My favorite thing: Sunday at noon!

    By Alissa RP
    Chani is so wonderful and smart; I learn so much from her. Sunday at noon is my favorite day/time because I can listen to the next week’s readings—I escape my family to listen and learn and mediate with the readings. I then proceed to listen the reading about two other times throughout the week because they are just packed with information that I can’t wait to un-pack. In the last two years I can see that much of my personal development has stemmed from what I’ve learned here. Did I mention how soothing Chani’s voice is…?! Highly recommend.
  • Cheaper PLEASE.

    By Mwanafunziiii
    I love the chani universe and I want to engage with it more. The subscription is just way to expensive for me. Can we get some more accessibility please? I don’t think that’s a reasonable price for anyone but a privileged few. Sliding scale would be nice or discounts for different identities/abilities/occupations. That said, I think my favorite thing about this app is the artwork. It’s unique, colorful, refreshingly a-typical of this type of content. Just wanted to point that out. I want to check out these meditations, they look so cool. Just can’t afford it. 🤷🏻‍♀️
  • Brilliant

    By Mshanahe
    Chani and her crew are compassionate, skilled, brilliant navigators of the currents of change, influence and evolution that inform our experience, on so many levels - so kind, humble and helpful. Amazing support for these tumultuous times.
  • Thank you for teaching us to be brave

    By @klancycooks
    I really appreciate this app for helping me to understand astrology and the planets and for helping me to not be afraid of things like eclipses (or life). Thank you for always encouraging care, questioning and perseverance and sharing what and how the planets are encouraging and “nuancing” this experience! I really especially love the personalized weekly reading and general weekly readings. Thank you Chani and the whole Chani App team!
  • Such a great tool

    By Miel M.
    CHANI is such a great tool! So much good information and lots of wisdom and phenomenal guidance never seen anything like it. Worth the monthly subscription
  • Not as good as the old workshops

    By Maisie M.
    I appreciate the weekly readings but I do wish there were more readings organized like the old workshops and year ahead. I get wanting weekly readings instead of new or full moons. But the separate audio tracks for retrogrades were so useful. I also loved the way the year ahead was organized by planet, I wish there was a way to listen to it that wasn’t quarterly. While it’s better to have an audio file instead of a video with no video, what would be amazing is bringing back the chart graphics, even if it’s just one image on the daily, weekly, yearly, whatever page. iOS widgets would be great too.
  • Recommended to my therapist and she downloaded it too!

    By Mama Al
    I, like many others, involve the Chani app as part of my daily routine. I recommend this app to anyone with an interest in astrology when they ask me what my #1 app is. I can’t say enough good things - the thoroughness, the encouragement and positivity, and Chani’s calming voice and energy are just some of the reasons this app is the whole package. The affirmations and meditations are amazing, and compared to other apps, this one ALWAYS feels positive with wonderful energy. Thank you Chani + team ✨
  • centering & remembering

    By Faibae
    encourages me to center and makes me remember this world isn't always made for us. This app has helped me on my spiritual journal and brought me back into myself, will be recommending to everyone!