Umami - Recipe Manager

Umami - Recipe Manager

By Strange Quark LLC

  • Category: Food & Drink
  • Release Date: 2022-07-12
  • Current Version: 2.39
  • Adult Rating: 17+
  • File Size: 231.81 MB
  • Developer: Strange Quark LLC
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 16.0 or later.
Score: 4.89937
From 159 Ratings


Umami is a beautifully designed app to collect, organize, and share recipes from any device. Collaborate Create a recipe book of your favorite family recipes and invite your family members to work on it with you. Or, start a recipe book with a friend so you can share the pastries and desserts you've made together over the years. Organize and Manage Tag your recipes with things like "Vegetarian", "Dessert", or "Baking" so you can easily find the perfect recipe for any occasion. Browse and Import Open the recipe browser to automatically import recipes from popular sites or paste the URL of a recipe you want to add. Cook Mode Get in the zone by tapping the "Start Cooking" button on any recipe to see an interactive checklist of ingredients as well as step-by-step directions. Grocery Lists Create shared lists with family and friends, add groceries directly from your recipes, and automatically organize items by aisle or by recipe. Meal Plans Schedule your recipes in a dynamic calendar view. Pull down to see meals for the whole month, or swipe up to collapse the calendar into a single week. Access and Edit Online Manage all of your recipes from any computer by going to on your web browser. Export Your data is yours. You can export your recipes as PDF, Markdown, HTML, Plain Text, or Recipe JSON Schema. Share Easily create links to share recipes with friends. They will be able to read your recipe online, even if they don't have the app! Pricing Umami is free for the first 30 days. After the trial period, you can purchase a monthly, yearly, or lifetime subscription. You can always view and export your recipes, even after your trial has expired.



  • Fantastic Family Recipe App

    By Toby Francis Wilson
    My family and I use this to sync and share recipes. Cooking and meal planning is so much easier and streamlined now
  • Love this app!

    By CoverGoth
    Like many others, I also found this app through Reddit, after using Paprika for years. I find Umami to be so much better! The only features I’d like to see added, if possible, would be the option of an undated meal plan and a way of easily printing the grocery list (I could be missing it). I do use the Share feature with my husband! But sometimes I still like to print.
  • Great app for recipe collection and meal planning

    By Ljs1224
    I am really enjoying this app. This is a great way to digitally keep all of my recipes in an organized way. This has also helped with the weekly meal planning as well since all recipes are easily accessible.
  • Makes my life so much easier

    By E. Soup
    I recommend this app to literally everyone I meet. I can’t say enough great things about it. The ease in importing recipes, making meals plans from those recipes and then making grocery lists from those meal plans so amazing. I have tried a lot of things like this to help keep my home running smoothly and this is the best of the best! Hopefully they release an Google play store version so even more people can have the beauty that is Umami. I have literally prayed to God asking him to bless you for making this app. Thank you!
  • Great for family sharing

    By Areisa97
    Needed an app so that my mom could easily write down her home recipes and share them with me and my sister. Really love how simple the interface is. And the link importation and scanning feature is super cool.
  • Best recipe app for sharing

    By artsia
    I’ve used Paprika for years, and only found out about this app when a family member shared their cookbook with me. Love that you can have multiple members on the same subscription, and the UI is much more modern and pleasing to the eye than some of the other apps out there. Super easy to transition from Paprika to Umami, and I’m loving everyone about this app so far. Both web import and scanning of physical recipes have worked seamlessly. Some wishlist items: 1. Ability to see from the recipe view all the times it was used in a meal plan (i.e. cross linking from recipe -> meal plan, currently only available in the other direction) 2. Alternate view of recipes that’s less of a grid format but allows more information to show about each recipe without having to click in (eg tags) 3. Embedding TikTok/Instagram recipe videos from links But those are truly just wishlist items, app is already very functional as is.
  • Weeping tears of joy

    By Emineminit
    I downloaded this yesterday and I’m in love! I have a million bookmarks on my phone that has been stopping me from switching my phone browser from safari, so I’ve been moving all my recipes over to this app. And the process has been fun to look at all the recipes I’ve collected in such a great and clean interface. I love that I’m able to just buy this outright instead of having to pay each month. The tagging system makes me so happy. The only one thing I see that could make this better (if I haven’t overlooked that I can already do this) is adding a new tag and then being able to go through and quickly select recipes to add to the tag instead of having to open each recipe and add it. Thank you so much for creating this amazing app 💕 I’m so excited to be able to have all my recipes in one place!
  • Awesome app

    By Buy bitcoin now
    For starters, it’s free. It is fantastic for organizing recipes from websites, and you can make your own of course. I love it!!
  • Beautiful modern UI

    By driftking311
    Lifetime purchase at an affordable price. Can almost do everything Paprika can. With a few more updates, this will be new king of recipe apps
  • The single best app I’ve ever used

    By RobbNar
    I don’t remember when I found Umami. But it has solved multiple problems for my family and I. Let me outline just a few that make this app so incredibly worthwhile. 1. The current state of recipes on the web You all know the issue. You find a recipe and the site/page it’s on is a disaster for so many reasons. A. You can’t find the recipe itself because they have to talk so much about everything before getting to the recipe - unfortunately what SEO has necessitated so that you could even find this recipe in the first place. B. The page is riddled with ads and of course the experience on mobile is not on anyone’s minds who develops these pages. Content moves all over the place as ads load into and out of the page, videos pop up and autoplay covering half your screen. You can’t just read a paragraph without having your experience interrupted. UMAMI fixes all that. Find a recipe, copy that url into UMAMI and it pulls out only the recipe and strips away everything else. SOLVED. 2. Retaining recipes I used to have a folder of bookmarks for my favorite go-to recipes. Then one day, my favorite recipe was gone!! The site that it was on shut down, or was bought out by a bigger company who didn’t care to retain things. Either way it was gone. I made it enough that I could do it from memory but sometimes I liked to quickly reference the oven temp or time to make sure I recalled it correctly. UMAMI saves it all. No more relying on a website that you don’t control. Yes I’m now relying on UMAMI to properly host everything as long as I need it. But I bet I can export them anyways (haven’t tried). I also use the scan feature to bring over recipes form my favorite cookbooks just so I don’t have to dig through them and find the right book and the right page. 3. Happy kids and family, meal planning and collaboration My wife and I share a few cookbooks within UMAMI. We have a family cookbook as well as a “to-try” cookbook. We know we save money and things run smoothly when we plan out our meals a few days ahead. So now we can pull up our family cookbook, which is all family approved recipes and work to plan out meals with our kids. Letting them pick a meal they want or giving them options from within the cookbook that we know they like. Anytime we find a new recipe somewhere we want to try, we add it to the to try book. There’s a new tradition when we eat a new recipe - we ask the kids if we should “add it to the list” and they all vote; even better if they really like it after a bite or two they will be screaming “ADD IT TO THE LIST” and we simply move it from our to try book into the family cookbook. I mentioned meal planning, and this also improves our shopping experience. Once we pick and schedule a few meals I can just add all the groceries we need to a shared list, making sure not to include pantry staples we have. My wife or I can see that list at anytime and stop at the store and grab what we need without having to text back and forth asking what’s needed for dinner. These things have been game changers. And there’s even more to this app I didn’t even touch on. Easy scaling of recipes is another amazing feature baked in. Thank you umami!!