Liveify - Multi Stream

Liveify - Multi Stream


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Liveify is an ideal tool for live streaming. On Liveify, live streaming is exciting and extraordinary, which encourages you to enjoy the live stream, share your fascinating life and get pleasure and gifts from the interaction with your followers. ■ Make live streaming a lifestyle You can live at any time with just a mobile phone which has a better experience than the website. Simply set up and turn on live streaming whenever you want. Your fans will be notified immediately to come to the live room. ■ Multi-stream broadcasting The multi-stream feature empowers you to simultaneously live across numerous social media platforms. This seamless integration ensures all your followers can indulge in your live content. Experience the power of extended reach and influence with Liveify's Multi-Stream - transforming live streaming like never before! ■ Video chat with co-host Support for two-player co-streaming, which unlocks more content and interesting interactive gameplay makes live streaming more possible and makes followers scream for more! ■ Safe and sound Your live room is a private playground that only invited people can access. So it helps you build a close relationship with your followers. As your exclusive territory, you can share anything you want within the law without being banned, and the supreme power of the live room belongs to you. ■ Reassuring information protection End-to-end encrypted messages make the content of the chat known only to the people involved, and all traces will disappear after a day to protect your privacy.